What is LUNAMAY?

Welcome to LUNAMAY, a Brisbane based fashion boutique where we celebrate individuality, style and fun. A space where women feel comfortable in their own skin - both online and in store. A place where they come to feel their most beautiful and leave ready to take on the world.

You can find us online and in store in Brisbane. We source quality clothing and accessories from a collection of carefully curated Australian brands. Our superpower is finding start-up businesses and showcasing their stunning products, and our mission is to make versatile and timeless fashion accessible to all women. We make dressing beautifully achievable for all of life's errands and events. From school pick-up, to work, to date night and everywhere in between, our range means you show up every time looking stylish and feeling fabulous.

Meet our creator / founder / head fashionista / boss lady - Tanya

"If we look familiar, it’s because you might know us as the White Owl Boutique, but recently we decided to shake things up! LUNAMAY is the manifestation of a teenage dream and the expression of really personal and lovely memories for me.

I’ve always had a deep love affair with fashion and a burning desire to put Australian brands out there that weren’t already being worn by e-ve-rybody.

I’ve reassessed what my business means to me and what I want it to represent. The vision I kept coming back to was my gorgeous Nan, who was always impeccably dressed and the most warm, generous person I’ve ever known. So, we’ve renamed the boutique ‘LUNAMAY’ after my grandmother who I loved very dearly, as her middle name was May. Luna also represents the vast love I had (and still have) for her. I always wanted to create a space that felt like visiting an old friend. Familiar, warm, someone that won’t take offence if you only have time for a quick cuppa, but also someone who makes you feel the most ‘you’ version of you. Capturing that essence and feeling is what I’m aiming for.

That’s what our new direction means to me, and it’s exactly what we’ve created at LUNAMAY. Our customers feel like friends, and we make women feel good about themselves and their purchases, whether they’re dashing in and out on lunch break or strolling through leisurely on a (rare) child-free afternoon."

Where to find us?

Find LUNAMAY in store, online or on socials.

Our physical store is a haven for fashion loving women who just need a little break from the outside. We provide a personal experience for all our customers with our experienced staff and exceptional service.

Or, shop online where we also stock our full range. Shop with confidence every time online, as we measure each individual piece for size and best fit. You can also find us on socials, where we share our newest pieces and occasional funnies.

We’ve got a feeling we’re going to be friends, so we can’t wait to meet you, wherever it is that you join us.